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Doing a little good in the world can actually result in tremendous positive change.

As a result, we incorporate social impact elements into our events to maximize the potential for long-lasting and transformational growth in companies, teams, and individuals.

Community Impact Events
Lives Touched
School Supplies Donated
Bikes Built
Food Donated
Prosthetic Hands Built
Workforce Scholarships

The Value of Service


Take yourself back to a time when your bike was the greatest toy on earth. Now imagine building that bike with your own two hands and then racing it against your friends and colleagues in unique events like the Slugfest, Bike Limbo, Trike Polo, Scooter Inertia Race and more. The best part is, that at the finish line, you will donate all the bicycles to a local non-profit organization!

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Teams navigate the area with GPS Units and cameras looking to solve riddles, puzzles and trivia. Arrival at key stops on the GPS course will earn each team items that will later be donated to local charity group. Items will be packed into new backpacks and can include: school supplies for under served students, camping gear for kids attending post cancer treatment summer camps, food and everyday personal hygiene supplies for a local homeless shelter or be tailored your you company’s social responsibility goals. A representative from the organization will join us at the end of the event and speak to the group about your charitable impact and accept the donation.

This event is a combination of engineering, competitive sport and charitable acts. Teams will design and build miniature golf courses made out of non-perishable food items and key building supplies. Once all courses have been completed, teams will go head to head in an EPIC, putt putt tournament! After the tournament, the group will re-package the food items in order to be donated to local food banks. By increasing your food donation budget you can make a bigger, longer lasting impact on the community.

Part organizational wellness and part social responsibility, this program will get your team exercising their hearts in two ways. First we start with guided team activities and challenges like field day games, hiking or biking, G.P.S. tracking and yoga classes to get the energy flowing. Next, the group transitions into the meeting room where donation stations, goods and packaging materials are waiting. Together in small teams, participants will package up treats, gifts and their personal sentiments and we’ll ship the everything and the love to those who protect our country currently and the veterans who are now at home.

Explore the trails of Denver’s front range while helping to maintain and re-build these trails we all love and enjoy! Local west Denver trails have eroded over the years with flooding and overuse. CBST Adventures partners with Jefferson County to give companies the opportunity to maintain these amazing trails so we can continue to explore them year after year.

Explore the backcountry in Keystone, Breckenridge and Frisco while helping to maintain and re-build the mountain trails we all love and enjoy! Local Summit County trails have eroded over the years with flooding, logging and overuse. CBST Adventures partners with the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District to give companies the opportunity to maintain these amazing trails so we can continue to explore them year after year.

This program blends the love of the out-of-doors, respect for community and the joy of collaboration to create the perfect “green” team building project. Environmental and conservation causes are aplenty, so we’ll have no problem selecting the right outlet for you. We start off by discussing the motives behind the project and agenda for the day, then break up into smaller tasks groups and then set out on our missions around town.

Spread the love of the great outdoors with those less privileged. Your company resources will be used to buy a cache of essential camping and outdoor recreation products. Then we’ll design team challenges that repurpose the gear to create one-of-a-kind team challenges. Your intrepid band of adventure seekers will have to maximize your collective intuition, physical abilities and mental strengths to successfully complete each of the challenges. We’ll track your progress and keep score and be ready to announce the winning team, but not before the camping supplies and recreational goods are re-packaged and donated to outdoor leadership organizations, inner city youth, or local Boy Scout Troops!

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This outdoor event focuses on promoting teamwork and exercise within organizations and their circle of influence. Most folks participate to simply have fun and enjoy the camaraderie with their friends and colleagues, while other will be astutely focused on the race and the winner’s podium. Either way, this healthy, charitable atmosphere always breeds good times for people from all walks of life. Choose your cause and participants can now raise money for a local non-profit organization. Enhance the opportunity by involving friends, family, clients, business partners & charities in the area. A day of exercise, community impact and a big post race to celebrate your success!

Share your company resources and collaborate with your colleagues in an action-packed community outreach service project. Spend a half or full day away from the office and hit the streets in the selfless pursuit of volunteerism. We facilitate programs for small groups, which typically focus on one or two different projects and locations. For larger groups, we often synchronize several projects with different organizations in multiple locations around town. We will gather your teams and discuss the motives and agenda for the day, then divide into smaller teams and set out on our missions.

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Your community impact mission involves establishing local gardens to grow much needed food for local organizations. You will help construct garden boxes, install watering lines, move dirt, plant saplings, create walkways, assemble outdoor furniture and much more in order to create an oasis for future growth. You will also hear from local experts who will be assigned to help these organizations learn about sustainability and healthy foods!

Explore the area in search of mental, physical & creative challenges. Each challenge station along the way will require teams must pool their resources to complete tasks and make it to the finish line ahead of the pack. These charity themed tasks and games are designed to highlight the mission of the recipient organization and the donation items your company is contributing. Highly customizable and loads of fun!

This is your opportunity to invest a few hours of time to change the lives of individuals forever. Your philanthropic task is to build prosthetic hands needed by tens of thousands of people around the world who cannot afford these devices. Our team building staff will provide an inspiring atmosphere, the amazing build-a-hand kits, and the guidance needed for assembly. You won’t believe what can be done in a few hours when you engage your hands, heads and hearts.

This is a unique opportunity to make a green space or someone’s backyard into a haven where kids can feel safe, play hard and have fun. Make a difference while contributing to a great cause within the local community at a time when most educational systems and after school programs youth clubs are greatly under funded. We research the needs of the community, provide all the preparations, tools, building materials and on-site logistics and set the stage for success.


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.