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What We Do

We provide outdoor-based transformational leadership development, experiential team building, and community impact experiences for companies that are, or aspire to be, the top companies to work for.

Today, growing and developing teams requires more than just a ropes courses or an occasional happy hour. Lasting and positive change calls for putting individuals and teams through experiences that will challenge and test their interpersonal, communication, and problems solving skills.

At CBST Adventures, we embrace this concept through offering numerous powerful and transformational engagements in the areas of experiential leadership, team building, and social impact.

Shaping leaders thorough creating experiences that demand the practice of leadership.

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Growing teams through fun and immersive team dynamic activities.

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Changing individuals and teams through the action and impact of service.

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Whether a teambuilding, experiential leadership, or social impact activity, we recognize that if the experience can’t be easily transferred to the workplace and personal life, then it’s not likely to create lasting change in a team or individual. As a result, we place enormous emphasis on only offering engagements that clearly translate to the challenges, dynamics, and situations people face in their personal and professional lives.