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Summer Adventure Series

Sunny Outdoor Corporate Teambuilding Activities

Colorado is hands-down the perfect location to get your own ‘Rocky Mountain High’. Team building activities take on a new dimension when you have such a majestic backdrop of snow-covered peaks and bluebird skies. CBST Adventures has a deep arsenal of corporate programs that include navigating urban terrain, historical mountain towns and the backcountry. We certainly know how to make teambuilding activities fun and memorable. You see, we’ve been in Colorado for over 20 years so you’ll be playing in our backyard.

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Ready to have a little outdoor fun and push yourself to the edge? Well, this is your opportunity to take a few risks, calculated or not. Our ropes course programs offer both horizontal and vertical challenges, and sometimes zip lines!  But don’t worry… you’ll be harnessed in and your teammates will be there to encourage or reel you, so you can push yourself to whatever limit suits you and see how it all goes comes together. These programs are transformational and inspiring, and encourage both interdependence and independence at the same time.

Up the stream without a paddle? I don’t think so! Teammates will work together through the stages of selecting materials, designing and building a craft suitable for crossing water and even racing! Depending on venue, this raft may be a miniature model that is raced down a creek or river, or a life-size vessel that can carry members of your team across a pond or swimming pool.

For over 2000 years the Chinese have nurtured the tradition of Dragon Boat Racing – A feast of sight and sound with the distinct scent of competition. In honor of this ancient tradition, teams will gather at the water for an afternoon of culture, construction, competition and pure excitement. Teams will convert canoes, kayaks and paddle boards into dragon-themed water crafts and then compete in a variety of water challenges such as the Paddle Skeedaddle, Kayak Out & Back, and Colorado Canoodle. It’s an exciting combination of large-scale art project, team boat races, cheering and drumming!

In this competitive group spectacle teams will go head to head in wacky, Olympic-inspired events!  We’ll work with you to select the challenge series that plays off your group’s personality and maximizes what the location and venue has to offer. Your group can enjoy a lighthearted, low-impact initiative or bump up the intensity level to an extreme physical competition – the choice is up to you!

A raft or float trip is a great outing in Colorado, that’s for sure! Now how about making it a multi-dimensional initiative with greater interaction between you and your colleagues? Now we’re talking outdoor fun with some real ROI. We develop a trip itinerary that includes in-raft and on shore challenges, team competitions and paddling games. But, don’t worry we’ll leave plenty of time to take in the scenery as well!

This is an accelerated take on the traditional scavenger hunt which incorporates off-road vehicles, navigational devices, local experts and distinctive challenge stations. With over 40 established waypoints and fixed projects throughout the area, teams will have to devise, test and employ multiple strategies in order to succeed. Be focused on your mission but don’t forget to look up and enjoy the panorama!