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Indoor & Creative Challenges

Corporate Team Building in the Meeting Room or Office

Corporate team building activities are no longer relegated to making participants wear Sumo Wrestler suits and going at it in a celebrity death match (but we can certainly do that!). Whether you’d like to unleash your inner artist, chef, musician or something a bit less whimsical, CBST Adventures designs all sorts of physical, cerebral and creative exercises for indoor spaces in case you find your time short, the skies rainy or just trapped in a conference center. As Colorado’s premiere teambuilding logisticians, don’t you worry about a thing… We can do it all.

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In a fun and social setting our guest artist will guide you through creating your very own painting inspired by your surroundings. Equipped with the traditional tools and supplies – canvasses, brushes, paints, sketchpads and various other items – teams are given specific topics around which to create their masterpieces. Whether you are an experienced artist or just looking to tap into your creative side, your painting will be uniquely yours.

Be it method of networking, breaking down barriers or pure fun, our extensive cache of games and initiatives are sure to connect and entertain your group. We work closely with all of our clients to develop fresh, new challenges with twists that relate directly to your event, company or organization. A great option that to kick off your event or liven up the energy after a long day in the conference room. Can be condensed to 1 – 2 hours and held indoors or outside.

This is a custom Design and Build challenge in which teams are provided with a sundry of building materials, tools and a clever set of design specs in order to construct an “aircraft”. Upon completion, teams have the chance to present their craft in front of the group before heading out side for the big launch pad finale.  Ingenuity and innovation reign in this event. PA and music included.

Build a collage with photos your team takes in and around the hotel, town or open space area. With digital camera in hand, each team is tasked with a photo safari in search of images that define individuals, the team and the company as a whole. Take a break from the action to enjoy a happy hour or some down time while our staff produces the photos. Regroup to put your masterpiece puzzle back together again.

Fully interactive musical programs utilizing drums and percussion instruments like maracas, shakers, tambourines, musical wooden frogs & boomwhacker tubes. Led by professional percussionists, participants are guided through music building with direction on basic sound layering, movement, volume & vocalization. With no prior musical experience necessary, these programs deliver an amazing opportunity for participants to engage, and create true one-of-a-kind sound.

Excitement, suspense, great food and fun! Your team’s inner-Julia Child will have the chance to make a fabulous bites using secret ingredients, unveiled moments before the cooking begins. We transform your conference room, office, or private facility into a functioning prep kitchen, and then hand the apron off to you. Colleagues step out of their corporate roles, trading their keyboards for spatulas, QuickBooks for cookbooks, in pursuit of a gourmet food experience – This is either awesome writing or a poach. Themes can range from Italian appetizers to Chocolate Desserts, a full 5 course gourmet meal or open fire / dutch oven cook off!

Redefine your perceived comfort zone and try your hand at one of the most popular adventure sports. We have put a twist on traditional rock-climbing and created an on-site  team building program that you and your colleagues can explore and conquer together. This is your chance to ascend to new heights and elevate the collective morale of your team with the support and guidance of our trained professionals.

Your staff will take center stage in your very own music video! Teams will need to pool their collective resources and motivations then subdivide into task groups, choosing directors, choreographers, props coordinators, dancers, lip-syncers, and so on. Once plans are in place, the show hits the road! Teams are dispersed to multiple locations in the area, each location staffed with one of our professional camera crews. With time to rehearse and our staff on hand to help direct, burgeoning stars will be born. While you are celebrating, our real time post-production editing crew will fuse together the various team segments into one fully produced, flashy music video. Premiere the video at the retreat and the crowd will go wild!

Our obstacle courses include a series of physical tasks that folks navigate through while being timed. In addition, we incorporate mental challenges that must be solved in order to successfully complete these tasks. Your crew will explore teamwork strategies while demonstrating the importance of planning, cooperation, and communication in this dynamic group adventure.