The best of the best in any field all have one thing in common: focus. While we worry about results, the distinguished focus on their effort. At our team-building events in Denver, we facilitate the art of striving and shifting the focus from results to efforts. In the office, we can’t appreciate the growth that comes from making every effort. We’re blinded by the results, whether good or bad. It is only in hindsight that we are able to see the steps that create success. When we look back we recognize the long days, the team-building events we attended, and the keynote speeches we watched; we see and appreciate our efforts. When we strive, we push our limits higher. We become capable of more. 

Ultramarathon runner and former Navy Seal David Goggins learned this at the crux of his life. Goggins was on a series of quits. He had quit USAF Pararescue (PJ) school in the middle of training, he quit eating healthy, he quit working out, and in a few short months he had ballooned up to 300 pounds. He was depressed with his low-paying job and lonely life. His dreams of becoming a Navy Seal seemed impossible. Goggins decided one day to turn it all around. That day he set out on a 5-mile run. He got a quarter mile in and turned around. He walked home, sat on his couch and cried himself to sleep. It would not be that easy. So Goggins got rid of any expectations of results and focused on what he could control, his discipline to strive. Goggins went on to graduate Army Ranger School as a “Top Honor Man” and is the only man in history to complete Navy SEAL training, Army Ranger School, and USAF Tactical Air Control School. Then he became a competitive ultra-distance athlete, with 10 first place trophies and 21 podium finishes, and he beat the World Pull-Up Record with a total of 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours. We can admire his results, but he knows it’s his mastery of the art of striving that got him these outcomes. 

So how can we cultivate this focus in the workplace, where it is always a race? CBST Adventures' team-building events in Denver create the space to achieve this. We remove all the stress of the office and allow teams and individuals to focus on efforts. During these team-building events, many teams achieve hindsight on past projects for the first time. They draw parallels to the efforts that were blocked from sight by the numbers. For the first time, they are able to see what truly went right or wrong. By removing the risk of failure, we remove the impediments to seeing clearly. Let us at CBST Adventures facilitate this experience for you. At our team-building events, teams learn that they are capable of more and they practice how to get there together.