World Leader in Cloud-Based Software Celebrates Another Successful Year.

This autumn we had the good fortune to host Workday, the leader in Cloud Based Human Capital Management, and help them to celebrate another great year.   What is most exciting about hosting Workday is that they put a large focus on company culture and developing a sense of fun for their employees and customers.

Since the inception of Workday, Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri have focused on building the best company culture and they exemplify that in their Core Values.   This team, from the Boulder office, certainly exemplified those values in everything they did.

We hope you can feel the camaraderie of the team and understand what makes Workday the leader in company culture.   If you’d like to instill that kind of passion in your culture, please do reach out to us and we’d love to help you energize a world-class culture of success.

CBST Adventures’ CEO Offers Employee Engagement Strategies in Colorado Meetings and Events Magazine

CBST Adventures’ CEO Jay Irwin recently wrote an article for Colorado Meetings and Events magazine.  Jay’s article is titled ‘3 Keys to Better Engaging Your Employees’ and Jay discusses some unique strategies to help address low engagement rates faced by employers today.

The digital version of Colorado Meetings and Events magazine can be found HERE. Jay’s article is on page 22 of the magazine.

Boulder Technology Company Team Builds in the City

You may think that CBST Adventures only offers team building and leadership development activities in the majestic outdoors of the Rocky Mountains. Truth be told, many of our activities can be in downtown or urban areas as well. A few weeks ago, we worked with Cognizant, a global business and technology services company. Cognizant has an office in Boulder, Colorado and they asked if our team could come to their location. We said, ‘No problem!’

Given Cognizant’s location in downtown Boulder, we decided to make use of the always enjoyable Pearl Street Mall in the heart of downtown Boulder for our activity. Enter our GPS Quest activity. For this experience, we broke the group into four teams and each team was given a GPS to complete a city-based scavenger hunt. Don’t worry – we provided clues and incorporated elements of known games such as Scrabble into this experience. The teams loved the activity and had an absolute blast!

One thing we noticed was even though the Cognizant group was right in their backyard in Boulder, they still were able to totally immerse themselves in the team building activity. If you’ve ever attended a CBST Adventures’ event, you know a hallmark of our activities are teams having FUN, lots of laughs, and generally everyone just enjoying themselves. Cognizant checked all three boxes as well, and interestingly enough, the more effort the teams put into the activities, the more fun they had. That’s because our challenges are specifically designed to be silly and goofy, for the most part. So if teams commit themselves to the activities, we guarantee they’ll have a good time!

If you’d like to learn more about our urban/city team building activities, feel free to reach out to us! We’d be happy to come to your office location to help create a special event.

CBST Adventures Stands in Solidarity with Hurricane Harvey Victims

In his latest video blog, CBST Adventures’ CEO Jay Irwin talks about his decision to ‘stand in solidarity’ with the victims with Hurricane Harvey by making small contributions.

Below is a link to the JJ Watt Foundation fund for Hurricane Harvey victims and a list of needs for victims from one of Jay’s friends living in Houston.

‘Easiest is to make a cash contribution. As folks have donated, we are going out and acquiring what is needed. We then drive down immediately and put it in the hands of the people that need it. Fans, diapers. Garbage bags, personal hygiene products, first aid kits, batteries, reciprocating saws, work Gloves, food, etc.

Second way, some friends are collecting donations of the items needed and trucking them down. Just got off the phone with one in Salt Lake City. They collecting donations and filling their trucks and planning to come down on Monday or Tuesday. This is helpful because we are having shortages of a lot of the items locally.

A third idea, is gift cards. A lot of people have been sending gift cards from $10 and up. Many people did not have insurance and are devastated. You would be shocked at the impact of a $10 gift card from somebody they don’t know.

Another idea, contribute to JJ Watts Foundation. He is putting the money he is receiving to great work.’

Help Hurricane Harvey Victims Raise $20 Million Through JJ Watt Fund

Like many others, the CBST Adventures’ team has been devastated at witnessing the destruction and damage Hurricane Harvey has caused the Houston area. As social impact is core to our business, we have been trying to determine ways to best help the Houston community from afar here in Colorado.

Houston Texan football player JJ Watt has recently started a fund with the goal of raising $20 million to help victims of the hurricane. The great news is the fund has nearly achieved its goal, having already raised $19 million.

CBST Adventures wants to encourage and empower its friends, family, and fans to help the fund achieve its goal of $20 million.  Will you join us in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey?

You can do so HERE or at the link below.

Global Food Corporation and CBST Adventures Donate $13K to Youth Outdoor Program

We’re excited to announce that at our Community Camper team build event in Keystone, Colorado, Cargil, a global food provider corporation, donated $13,000 worth of outdoor camping gear to Keystone Science School, an outdoor-driven science program for youth!

This is an incredible act of generosity and social impact that we feel fortunate to have helped make happen with Cargil. To learn more about the event and Cargil’s contribution, check out the video here!

ARTICLE SHARE: Harvard Business School Discusses How Changing Culture Requires a Movement

In this latest edition of CBST Adventures’ article share, we are sharing a recent article from the Harvard Business School discussing culture change. The article follows a case study of Dr. Reddy’s, a 33-year-old global pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Reddy’s CEO, G.V. Prasad, shares his first-hand account of how he brought about culture change in his company through partnering with innovation consultancy IDEO. Through this experience, Dr. Reddy’s learned to change the culture by creating an organic movement rooted in behavior and action and initiated by company executives and leaders.

This article is an absolutely fascinating read and has numerous implications for leadership development and team building. We couldn’t help but share it with the CBST Adventures community and we hope you enjoy it!

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