While our bread and butter services are in creating team building, leadership development, and community impact focused experiences, sometimes companies come to us because they just want to kick back and ‘have fun’ as a team. The good news is we help facilitate these types of experiences as well. We’d be silly not to, right? What’s interesting is we have found that oftentimes loosely structured ‘fun-time’ can be a very effective way for teams to grow in the areas of trust, communication, and general team dynamics. Such was the case for a major pharmaceutical team that sent their regional sales team to Park City, Utah for a sales meeting. Though our ‘home base’ is in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, we also travel to other areas of the Rocky Mountain region to best serve our clients. Such was the case with this engagement in Park City.

Though the main objective of this engagement was ‘fun,’ we did manage to put a little structure into the experience. We had the group do a tablet-based scavenger hunt called Tactical Tablets in Park City’s historic downtown area. This is a fantastic experience for teams that are game for teambuilding but maybe want something a little more low-key but still a lot of fun. In this experience, teams are provided 4G tablets loaded with a course map complete with text, photo, and video clues. The teams must travel to specific locations and complete projects and tasks to earn points. It’s truly a high-tech twist on the original ‘scavenger hunt’ but teams love it as they can’t help but get invested in the game using their tablets and compete against the other teams. The best part about Tactical Tablets is teams will naturally work on their communication and problem solving skills by virtue of simply playing the game. It’s our secret way of getting teams to do a team build activity without it explicitly telling them their doing a team build.

Now unlike many other team building companies, we don’t end the fun once the main activity ends. No, we keep it going as long as the client likes…for the most part. After Tactical Tablets, we made a couple stops at some local bars in Park City. You could really see people connecting and engaging with each other more than when we met them at the start of the day. What’s really cool about what we do is we create experiences and memories that the teams then can talk about after and even during an event. Such was the case while visiting the local bars as one of our team members passed around silly gags and accessories from kazoos to crazy hats to even feather boas. The pharmaceutical teams loved this and were happy to look goofy and make fools of themselves (check out the photos on Facebook) all in the spirit of relaxing, enjoying each other, and just having fun.

At the end of the day, we debriefed the day’s events with the group. It was pretty awesome to hear all the takeaways from an event where the primary objective was ‘just have fun.’ But as mentioned above, that’s just how it happens sometimes. We’re thankful to be a part of such experiences and love knowing that we help make them possible. If you’re interested in a similar experience or something different, feel free to give us a shout. We’d always love to have some more fun…