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Teambuilding Events in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is home to distinct attractions like Pikes Peak (a Colorado Fourteener), Garden of the Gods Park, the U.S. Air Force Academy and the Olympic Training Center, so there is no lack of interesting things to see and do while you are in town. Many of the high-end hotels and meeting venues are set close to the scenic foothills and offer expansive views of the plains as they are up lifted to become the Rocky Mountains. With a milder climate then even Denver, options abound all year round in ‘the Springs’. CBST Adventures can help you capitalize on the variety of area while pursuing your corporate team building mission.

Corporate Team Building & Leadership Development in Colorado

Our experience crew of logisticians, professional facilitators and outdoor educators are also experts in fun, so any reservations a person may have as part of a ‘team building’ exercise will be quickly assuaged. In all our corporate team building activities, we dive head first into competitive, comprehensive initiatives that get people out of their everyday roles and mindsets. Participants become invested in a mission that plays to their spirit of adventure and exploration. It’s our knack for motivating groups to go beyond their perceived limitations that allows them to discover their collective potential.

Teambuilding Activity Options

Choosing the right team building program for your organization is a very important decision, especially since we have so many great options. And what you can accomplish during your stay may depend on when and where your conference is happening. Feel free to explore our activity categories below to get the ideas flowing, and then contact us at 970-668-8900 or Contact Us to chat about specifics…


Anytime is the right time for some good ol’ fashion fun. CBST Adventures can custom-design any teambuilding event to show off our best side. Whether you’d like to discover the ‘Wild, Wild West’ or ‘go for the Gold’ as so many Olympic athletes do, Colorado offers fabulous opportunities for outdoor and indoor activities year-round. What could possibly be a better team building exercise than an epic adventure such as a Winter Olympics, an Amazing Race or an Urban GPS & QR Orienteering Quest?

The Rocky Mountain region is one of the most majestic and stunningly beautiful parts of the world. Team building activities can take on a incredibly new dimension when you have such an incredible backdrop of snow-covered peaks and clear-blue skies. CBST Adventures has a vast offering of team dynamic and team growth  programs that include navigating urban terrain, historical mountain towns, and the expansive backcountry. We know how to make teambuilding activities fun and memorable – we’ve been in the Rocky Mountain region for over 20 years, so you’ll be playing in our backyard.

People that don’t live in the Rocky Mountains might think our winters are freezing cold and miserable. While that might be the case in other parts of the country, the Rocky Mountain region is known for lots of sunshine, creating a perfect backdrop for our lively winter events. You and your team will be surrounded by the the most revered snow-covered mountains in the world, but the excitement and energy from our events is sure to keep you warm. CBST Adventures designs incredibly fun exercises such as our signature Winter Rescue Challenge, Snowmobile GPS Quest and Winter Olympics.

Not limited to the outdoors, CBST Adventures all offers numerous stimulating and engaging physical, cerebral and creative exercises for indoor spaces. Whether your time is limited, the weather’s not cooperating, or you need to utilize your conference center, CBST Adventures can create the ultimate indoor team building experience for your team!