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Leadership Development

Ever wish you could change the dynamics of your organization; improve collaboration, speed execution, and enhance adaptability?

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Our client-specific leadership development programs inspire leaders to change the trajectory of their lives and equip them to transform the organizations they lead, through sharpened strategic focus, increased employee engagement, better decision-making, and clear communication.


A Few Of Our Happy Clients:

Why Leadership Development with CBST Adventures?

“We went from negative growth and cost cutting to growing, gaining share and investing! We’re now producing over 1/3 of the company’s profit. It was truly transformational.”

― Rob Reilly, GM, GE Healthcare Service


RiverVentures Expedition

A rafting or floating trip is a great outing by itself.  We take this experience to the next level by making it a multi-dimensional initiative that encourages greater interaction between you and your colleagues.  

We like to think of this as outdoor fun with some real ROI! As part of this program, we’ll develop a trip itinerary that includes in-raft and on-shore challenges, team competitions and paddling games. Don’t worry, we’ll leave plenty of time to take in the scenery as well! Click here for a sneak peek of our River Expedition

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Executive Leadership Challenge

Ignite your team’s innate desire to engage and achieve with our executive leadership coaching and innovative team building initiatives! This hybrid classroom / outdoor adventure is infused with your primary meeting content and concrete company goals so that real change and growth will be enacted. Our professional facilitators and trained guides are at your side the entire way training individuals on the equipment, giving feedback to teams, observing group interaction and dolling out high-fives. It’s an integrated approach to meetings that will alter your vision of standard ‘work retreat’ forever!

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Mission Special Ops

This program recreates a structured ‘special ops’ experience  under the guidance of a Navy Seal veteran and seasoned leadership coach. Throughout the exercise teams will receive real-time feedback from the experts and be given opportunities to improve on their tactics in subsequent mission attempts. An innovative way to raise awareness on how teams approach asset management, joint decision making, deadlines and communication. The mission can take place in a wilderness area, private ranch, mountain resort or urban / cityscape. It can also include executive leadership training in the field and the classroom led by former/current SEALs with combat experience.

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When leaders perform at their highest level, the whole organization benefits. Talk to us today about a custom program to address your organization’s leadership growth needs.

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