Leadership Development

Ever wish you could change the dynamics of your organization; improve collaboration, speed execution, and enhance adaptability?

Our client-specific leadership development programs inspire leaders to change the trajectory of their lives and equip them to transform the organizations they lead, through sharpened strategic focus, increased employee engagement, better decision-making, and clear communication.

A Few Of Our Happy Clients:

Why Leadership Development with CBST Adventures?

“We went from negative growth and cost cutting to growing, gaining share and investing! We’re now producing over 1/3 of the company’s profit. It was truly transformational.”

― Rob Reilly, GM, GE Healthcare Service

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Lessons from the River

Understanding how a team works – and doesn’t work – is critical for any leader looking to achieve success. This program creates powerful experiential situations where participants learn first hand the drivers of success, as well as team dysfunction. Set in an unfamiliar and inspirational environment – a wild Colorado river – participants learn and practice leadership competencies together, over a multi-day journey.

Challenges include on-shore as well as in-raft situations designed to mimic everyday leadership situations. Focus areas include building trust, managing conflict, and attention to results. Thoughtful facilitation, reflection, and debriefing aid in the learning and retention of new skills.

Leadership Lessons of Nature

Leadership Lessons of Nature focuses on personal growth, honing leaders’ strengths while removing barriers to success. Often, barriers consist of fear – or blind spots – and being away from the pressure of everyday life allows an opportunity to uncover and process them, as well as discover and build on personal strength.

Set in a dynamic outdoor environment, Leadership Lessons of Nature, modeled on a classic expedition race, presents a number of challenges that push participants to the edge of their comfort zones. Thoughtful facilitation and discussions in between activities allow for reflection and experiential learning.

For intact teams, Leadership Lessons of Nature offers both individual growth and opportunities to fine tune team dynamics.

Leadership Lessons of the Colorado Gold Rush

This immersive leadership development program powerfully brings to life the leadership skills that spelled success or failure for prospective miners during the historic Colorado gold rush of 1859. Just like today, the pioneering miners who took action, involved and encouraged others, fostered innovation, and were persistent were more likely to succeed, while others faltered.

Leadership Lessons of the Colorado Gold Rush is set in one of the most productive gold mining areas in Colorado, near Idaho Springs and Breckenridge. It challenges leaders through a series of interactive experiential exercises, hands-on field trips, and a proven leadership development curriculum. The rewards: new insights, enhanced leadership skills, and an unforgettable experience.

Cornerstone Leadership Retreat

The Cornerstone Leadership Retreat is designed to allow new or established teams to cement their commitment to each other, define their common purpose, and prepare to perform together at the highest level.

The program includes experiences designed to build trust, share vulnerabilities, and build solid bonds that will stand the test of real-world challenges. Leaders establish their vision and purpose together, and set their intentions and goals for the team, during a two-day retreat.

Cornerstone Leadership Retreat carefully weaves experiential learning and facilitated conversations to uncover and reinforce three essential skills that generate cohesion and collaboration in top-performing teams.

When leaders perform at their highest level, the whole organization benefits. Talk to us today about a custom program to address your organization’s leadership growth needs.