In our experience, we’ve found that mountain ranches can be an incredible venue for teams to host a team build. For one of our recent events, we created a team building experience at Spruce Mountain Ranch, a sprawling ranch typically used for show cattle – on this day it played host to Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE). HPE sent a group of 100 people to work with us for a day and it was an absolute blast! Connection and all-purpose fun was the objective for this team building experience and so we let those ideas really drive the agenda.

After folks arrived to the ranch, we treated them to a delicious lunch and then began the activities. Given we were at an authentic cattle ranch, we thought it only fitting to have a western theme to all of our activities starting with a Western Amazing Race. With this experience, participants explored the ranch through taking part in mental and physical challenges (nothing too strenuous) requiring problem solving and creative thinking. The entire group broke into teams and each team had to pool their resources and delegate tasks to complete including a remote control car derby (a brand new activity), roping a rolling cow on wheels, rocket launching, and paintball sharpshooting, to name just a few.

What’s interesting is we find that a lot of teams aren’t necessarily super excited to do a team build at the start of an event and then are blown away once they start participating in our activities. Such was the case for HPE as the group was totally engrossed with every activity and really threw themselves into completing all the tasks as part of the Amazing Race. We think this is partly due to folks wanting to compete against their coworkers but really has more to do with the activities simply being such a great time that people can’t resist but participate. Not to mention it’s pretty funny to watch your colleagues try to drive, and inevitably crash, remote control cars. Likewise, giving your coworkers a hard time about being covered in paint-ball paint is always good for a few laughs.

As you can tell, fun and enjoyment was a big priority and a major outcome from this event. Yet, as with many of our events, from every laugh and every smile, come teams and individuals engaging with each other in new and different ways. The result is relationships are formed and memories are made that otherwise didn’t exist and it’s these kind of breakthroughs that help forge teams and bring companies together.

We closed out the day announcing the winners from the day’s activities and then flowed into a laid-back and fun-filled happy hour and dinner. The night, however, couldn’t end without one last event – a mechanical bull challenge. As with the other activities, tons of laughter, smiles, and playful ribbing ensued. The winner, the person who rode the longest (and hopefully didn’t lose their dinner), won a Google Home Device – not a bad prize, right? Not at all and not a bad team build either.

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