Why experiential leadership training?

The Power Of Experiential Leadership Training

Many leadership training programs take place in a classroom and focus on academic learnings. We don’t believe that is the most powerful way to learn. Our goal is to create great leaders, who are well-rounded, confident and comfortable in a wide range of situations, and we do that by placing them in real-life situations that allow them to practice and learn different leadership skills.

Experiential leadership training focuses on creating challenging situations where specific leadership principles can be leveraged in order for a team to reach a desired outcome. The experiential component is critical, since it engages participants and therefore aids in learning and retention. Experiential leadership training also demonstrates and builds personal conviction that different leadership behaviors are effective in a real-life situation, another factor that elevates learning outcomes.

“Experiential learning is a growing methodology within the education and professional development field. We have taken many of the most effective components in experiential learning and applied them to leadership development.”

― Jay Irwin, CEO of CBST Adventures

The activity chosen for an experiential leadership training challenge is a metaphor for a business situation; it allows leaders to both become aware of current behaviors and try out new ones that increase their effectiveness.

Depending on a client’s desired focus areas, CBST Adventure’s leadership development programs can be designed to specifically target communication skills, strategic decision making, motivational skills, team building, problem solving, adaptability, innovation, or even resilience in adversity.

We prefer to deliver our experiential leadership training programs at inspiring destinations, where the mother nature contributes to the learning experience, both by inspiring reflection and by providing a source of challenging problems to solve.

Experiential leadership training does teach leadership theory and principles, but it does so while combining theory with a powerful setting that inspires and enhances learning – in a way that a classroom can never do.

To give your staff the chance to elevate their leadership skills in a way that has the power to produce lasting performance breakthroughs, learn more about our Leadership Development programs or contact us so that we can customize a program for your leaders.