In his latest video blog, CBST Adventures’ CEO Jay Irwin talks about his decision to ‘stand in solidarity’ with the victims with Hurricane Harvey by making small contributions.

Below is a link to the JJ Watt Foundation fund for Hurricane Harvey victims and a list of needs for victims from one of Jay’s friends living in Houston.

‘Easiest is to make a cash contribution. As folks have donated, we are going out and acquiring what is needed. We then drive down immediately and put it in the hands of the people that need it. Fans, diapers. Garbage bags, personal hygiene products, first aid kits, batteries, reciprocating saws, work Gloves, food, etc.

Second way, some friends are collecting donations of the items needed and trucking them down. Just got off the phone with one in Salt Lake City. They collecting donations and filling their trucks and planning to come down on Monday or Tuesday. This is helpful because we are having shortages of a lot of the items locally.

A third idea, is gift cards. A lot of people have been sending gift cards from $10 and up. Many people did not have insurance and are devastated. You would be shocked at the impact of a $10 gift card from somebody they don’t know.

Another idea, contribute to JJ Watts Foundation. He is putting the money he is receiving to great work.’