Community Matters

A Harvard Business School study of more than 50,000 employees found the true cost of having a toxic employee among your team. We’ve all had the experience of tolerating a toxic employee at one point or another and wondered “How do they have a job?”. While their negative impact may [...]

2019-06-03T10:21:30-06:00June 3rd, 2019|Blog Post|

What is the ROI on a Leadership Development Event?

Dependable leaders are invaluable to a company's success. A steadfast leader attracts the best employees, retains them, and builds on their strengths. They make a company, a team, and themselves stronger with the growth they create. The resulting prosperity can be instantaneous. Established leaders have teams and team members that [...]

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6 Strategies To Build A Cohesive Team

“Give a good idea to a mediocre team, and they’ll find a way to screw it up. Give a mediocre idea to a good team, and they’ll find a way to make it better.” - Daniel Coyle, The Culture Code At every company, in every industry, a cohesive team goes [...]

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ARTICLE SHARE: Why Experiential Learning Should be Part of Your Employee Training

Why is experiential learning so effective? Forbes has the answers. 1. Learning by Doing: It’s the best way to improve. Inevitably, we learn by trying things, making mistakes, then doing better the next time. 2. Colleague Bonding and Collaboration: Teams learn how to work together. Communication lines that never existed before have [...]

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ARTICLE SHARE: Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders

Harvard Business Review examines what factors really develop good leaders (and it doesn’t happen through classroom curricula). Their research shows leadership skills transfer to the workplace when they're taught experientially. The key is to create experiences that build emotional circuits through trying and working through new problems so that when [...]

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