Why is experiential learning so effective? Forbes has the answers.

1. Learning by Doing: It’s the best way to improve. Inevitably, we learn by trying things, making mistakes, then doing better the next time.
2. Colleague Bonding and Collaboration: Teams learn how to work together. Communication lines that never existed before have the opportunity to open up.
3. Gaining Self Insights: Experiential learning facilitates opportunities for self-reflection, therefore, improvement.
4. The Philosophers Blessing: Einstein and Aristotle knew and began advocating for “learning by doing” centuries ago.
5. Developing Awareness Behaviors: By working in teams during an experiential learning session, individuals can observe and talk about where their contributions are strong vs. unhelpful.

The bottom line: activities that employ multiple senses and emotional connections when learning leadership skills last and transfer to the workplace. Read more here. Explore our experiential leadership programs here.