In this study by Harvard Business Review, researchers prove communication to be the single most telling predictor of a team’s success. “Not only that, but it is as significant as all the other factors—individual intelligence, personality, skill, and the substance of discussions—combined”. When put to the test, researchers correctly predicted which team would win a business plan contest based on their measured communication abilities.

Through the study, several defining characteristics of highly functional teams were identified:

  1. Group discussion consists of equal and succinct contribution by all.
  2. Conversations occur most often face-to-face and in an animated manner.
  3. Team members seek each other out for discussion, rather than relying on the team leader.
  4. Members seek information outside of the team to provide fresh perspective in problem-solving.

Because of the cache of research proving the importance of communication, CBST Adventures designs its team building experiences around these skills. Events stretch individual’s communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills to create lasting relationships amongst innovative and engaged teams.