Winter Activities

Colorado boasts of 300 days of sunshine every year. Even with those stats we still get plenty of snow, making it perfect for exploring a true winter wonderland experience in the mountains.  Take a day off of the slopes and take advantage of a snowy guided tour with us!

Under sunny skies or the starry night, round up your friends and family give snowshoeing a try. Anyone who can hike can quickly learn to snowshoe. Be it packed trails or deep powder; kids, parents, and grandparents all enjoy exploring and discovering the natural beauty of winter in this simple but fulfilling activity.

Our backcountry ski tours are designed to meet your group’s ability level and interests. CBST guides are skilled in providing safe and rewarding skiing experiences far away from the resorts and without the need for lifts (or lift lines!). We are experts in teaching any skier how to travel in the backcountry.  Enjoy a relaxing alternative to the downhill resorts on a mellow tour or commit to a longer, steeper route to challenge yourself.

Peak Ski Ascents and Winter Mountaineering

Take your Colorado experience to the next level and embark on a thrilling and adventurous alpine ski and mountaineering outing. The Colorado High Rockies offer plenty of year-round sunshine and world-class snow conditions in the winter. Our ski ascents can be designed for groups of varying ages and skill levels – from never-ever tried it to limit-testing challenges. Join us to learn the basics of alpine climbing and skiing or hone your skills on a longer more technical expedition.