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Striving for higher levels of team performance and personal growth.

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CBST Adventures’ Story

Since 1994, CBST Adventures has been creating innovative team building adventures that inspire individuals and groups to step outside of themselves and strive for higher levels of performance and development. We pride ourselves on creating experiences, activities, exercises and adventures that seamlessly and directly transfer to everyday dynamics in both professional and personal settings.

We have more than fifty strategic outdoor and indoor team building, experiential leadership, and community impact engagements with the ability to customize our programs to support your specific conference themes and agendas. Our approach is to combine detailed execution of the business world with the infectious enthusiasm of the outdoor and organizational development industries.

CBST Adventures highlights the best of what the Rocky Mountain region has to offer and maximizes your team’s resources to foster transformational experiences and lasting memories. We also can facilitate our exciting adventures beyond the Rocky Mountain region by request.


CBST Adventures’ Mission:

We strive to create transformational adventure experiences that build world-class teams, positively impact communities, and develop individuals through experiential learning.

CBST Adventures’ Values: