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We provide transformational leadership development programs, team building, and community impact experiences for companies that are, or aspire to be, the top companies to work for.

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Key Programs

Leadership Development

It’s one thing to attend a leadership seminar or read books on leadership but it’s another when you’re put in real-life, outdoor situations that not only test your leadership skills but force you to think critically and communicate effectively with others and your team.

“It tested our ingenuity, it tested our teamwork, so it was really a lot of fun and a great team building activity… this was a lot of fun for all of us.”

-Becky, Chevron

Team Building

When people hear the word ‘teambuilding’ they often think of a ropes course or a ‘mandatory fun’ activity like bowling or playing pool. There’s nothing wrong with these activities but what we offer is completely different and unique- creating life changing and transformational experiences through dynamic, challenging situations combined with a little bit of silliness and a whole lot of fun.

“It is just the right blend of recreation, true outdoor orienteering and team building structured activity that makes a meaningful and lasting impression for a diverse group of individuals.”

-Rob, Heinz

Community Impact

Sometimes for individuals to change, it requires them stepping outside themselves and helping others in need. That’s why we integrate social impact into our experiences because serving others doesn’t just have to “feel good” – it can also be an incredible catalyst for lasting individual and team growth.

“I’ve never seen our staff so exhilarated by a teambuilding activity. It served our purposes perfectly.”

-Mike, Charles Schwab

Why Experiential Leadership Training?

Many leadership training programs take place in a classroom and focus on academic learnings. We don’t believe that is the most powerful way to learn. Our goal is to create great leaders, who are well-rounded, confident and comfortable in a wide range of situations, and we do that by placing them in real-life situations that allow them to practice and learn different
leadership skills.

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